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2014 Trend forecast

Posted: January 7, 2014 10:34 am EDT Updated: March 12, 2014 10:34 am EDT 2014 Trend forecast

Photo courtesy of: CTG Music artist Crystal Ball.

Gadgets and devices – #CES2014

Las Vegas is buzzing with gadget-watchers from across the globe attending its Consumer Electronics Show 2014. For the live action, follow the #CES2014 Twitter hashtag, and New Zealand’s own David Farrier is on the showroom floor, so follow his Twitter feed for highlights (or watch 3 News for a live cross tonight). Last year the talk was around smart watches and glasses (such as Google GLΛSS). This year we predict improved (hopefully stylish) wearable personal devices and clothes – particularly for gaming, curved screens, and cheaper, more accessible smart computerized wizardry in the home. We’d love to see more surfaces for work and home, too.

At About Us, on more humble grounds, we’ve decided to throw a dart at our picks for 2014 social media trends in business:

Big business - from ROI to CRM

We reckon the biggest thing large organisations will get to grips with is replacing its high-placed value of ROI with valuing customer relationship management (CRM). Social media started getting its stride on in businesses from 2008, it became a normal business activity in 2010 so long as social media managers and their bosses prove their worth with ROI. Now, the smartest business leaders recognise that customer service is king and social media is merely another channel to do it.

Small and medium businesses - Little, Loud, Lovable, Localised

  • Little will replace the desire for thousands of followers in social media. Small business will understand the power of having strong relationships with the few instead of diluted relationships with the many.
  • Loud follows little, where having created more intimate social media relationships will mean the people running the social media channels will have to be authentic and attentive. The fans may be few but they’ll be more demanding now that they have the key to the back office.
  • Lovable means they’ll love you for it. Yes, they’ll be frequent visitors, ask questions you know are answered on your expensive website but that love bond won’t break. It’ll be a thousand squeaky wheels, but they’ll soon turn their fandom into answering questions on your behalf and become your greatest advocates on and offline.
  • Localised is not to be confused with local. In this instance, it means your various fans will be clustered by social media channel. While your Facebook fans and Twitter followers may hail from Godzone and you could meet them IRL, your Pinterest and Instagram fans may not be. But like a cosy pair of Uggs, they’ll keep you warm everyday by being your loyal and adoring social media pals.