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Louise Herdman Mosaics

Posted: May 7, 2016 1:17 pm EDT Updated: September 9, 2016 1:17 pm EDT Louise Herdman Mosaics

Whanganui is an art town. Has been for years. And as well as being a great place to find and buy pieces, it’s also got a proud tradition of teaching.  At Louise Herdman Mosaics, absolute beginners can produce and take home their own creations with next-to-no experience.

Business Name: Louise Herdman Mosaics

Hometown: Whanganui

What’s the name of the business owner(s)? Louise Herdman

Years in operation:  Teaching for 10 years

What do you love about Whanganui?
I love the amazing range of art that is created in Whanganui, I enjoy living in a smaller city where you are not far away from anything and people are friendly

What does your business do better then anyone else?
The catch phrase at the studio is “Be inspired to mosaic in your own way”My philosophy is to encourage people to mosaic in a way that they enjoy, to use the materials that interest them. To be excited to develop skills and try out new ideas in a supportive environment.We have FUN as we learn and surprise ourselves with what we can achieve! No drawing skills needed to develop their own designs and great tips to make good quality mosaic art.Class options range from intro to mosaics, specific project workshops, as well as casual classes where people can work on their own projects.I also take on commissions to make specific mosaics for people and thoroughly enjoy the challenges in sourcing materials and creating a unique mosaic. From small personal mosaics to large outdoor panels, will happily talk through options.

Tell us about your team. Who does what?
It’s mainly me, with a lot of support from husband Gavin, my Mum and a small group of regular mosaic enthusiasts who help out when we need a few extra hands!!!

What’s your top tip for business success?
Make people feel welcome so that they are more confident in their learningDo you have a smart business?


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