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Waihi Beach Lodge

Posted: January 25, 2017 5:23 pm EDT Updated: January 26, 2017 5:23 pm EDT Waihi Beach Lodge

What's the name of your business?
Waihi Beach Lodge

What's the name of the business owner(s)?
Greg Whyte & Ali Lawn

How many years has your business being operating?

What town(s) are you in?
Waihi Beach

What do you love about your town?
It's very beachy and laid back - has a relaxed vibe to it. The Beach draws people to it both young and old and is a magnet all year round.The sight of 3 generations walking down to the beach is not uncommon as it is a very family beach.Winter walks along the beach are special.

The locals are very community minded and have a can do attitude.In recent times we have raised funds for Christchurch after the earthquake and for Vanuatu after their disaster

What does your business do better then anyone else?
We have a boutique bed & breakfast and we treat guests as we would like to be treated. We have received Excellence awards from Trip Advisor for the last 6 years in a row as voted by our guests and we have received similar recognition from guests for the last 2 years who came via It is very humbling but does suggest we may have the right recipe for hosting guests who are 95% international.

Tell us about your team. Who does what?
Ali my partner does the books and we share the cooking for breakfasts. Ali does home baking as well as making her own toasted muesli and provides fresh baked muffins daily when we have guests.We send recipes for Ali's muffins, Afghans and toasted muesli all over the world. Ali also has other employment running a kiwifruit packhouse - this dovetails nicely with the Lodge as our business is seasonal and the kiwifruit comes on stream as our season winds down.

I do the marketing, handle trade relationships and take most of the bookings. I also look after the website admin and do a blog.

I also make jams and chutneys as well as the odd batch of lemoncello to share with our guests.

We also have our own honey which we use for breakfasts and Ali uses it in her toasted muesli.

What's your top tip for business success?
Sharing our little piece of paradise here at Waihi Beach with our guests and showing them great Kiwi hospitality. We are often the travel guide providing guests with ideas of where to go and what to see, where to eat etc along with travelling times.Guests get the benefit of our local knowledge by staying with us at the Lodge.overseas guests stay at places like ours as they want to interact with locals and find out what makes us Kiwis how we are and in many instances are envious of us living in New Zealand and Waihi Beach. In comparison many hotels are sterile and there is very little interaction.

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