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Our founder, Luca Burgess, and his friends have always been passionate about sports. Every time the national team played in a rugby championship or any other sport, they travelled to support them. They never missed a match and were always there.

This constancy in supporting the national sports teams brought them notoriety on the part of the people.

Little by little, they became known as the number 1 sports fans in New Zealand. Every year, during matches, many people asked them about the most interesting facts of the game.

Thanks to this, they decided to create About Us. A website for people from all over New Zealand and the world to read the best articles and reviews of the most popular sports in the country.

Here you will find everything you are looking for. You will see all the good things that sports have to offerfrom a different perspective. You will also discover the passion that moves every fan and that makes sport in New Zealand even more exciting.

Whether you are a loyal fan, passionate, or simply entertained by sports, this is the perfect place for you. Keep updated with the best topics that we bring to you every week. Don’t miss the opportunity to read about the sports legends that have made New Zealand a country of world-renowned winners.