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Posted: January 25, 2017 5:36 pm EDT Updated: January 25, 2017 5:36 pm EDT ActionActors

What's the name of your business?

What's the name of the business owner(s)?
Bruce Hopkins & Anthony Hurst

How many years has your business being operating?
4 1/2 yrs

What town(s) are you in?
We have personnel in Auckland, Wellington, Christchurch & Dunedin

What do you love about your town?
The Waitemata harbour & Hauraki gulf, the 50+ volcanoes & the stunning wild west coast

What does your business do better then anyone else?
Offer clients talented temp staff at the same time as supporting the performing arts in NZ.

ActionActors provides temp workers who perform. Our 430+ database are all actors who are experienced in a wide range of sctors including live & character promotions, events - both management & staffing , role play, especially for management training, hospitality, admin & much more. ActionActors sources the 'day jobs' 95% of actors need to pay their bills & continue acting.

Tell us about your team. Who does what?
I manage the day to day business, fielding enquiries from clients, posting job offers to our database & general admin.

My business partner helps out with the overall financials along with our accounts person handling payroll.

What's your top tip for business success?
If you know you are onto a good idea, hang in there, keep chipping away evolving systems as you need to. Don't be scared of offering equity in the business to potential partners.

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