Batsman – How You Can Become as Good as Kane Williamson

If you want to get started as a batsman, this guide will be very helpful. By following these steps, there is no doubt that you can become as good as Kane Williamson can. This legendary New Zealand batsman has been a source of pride for the country.

His unique talent mixed with his ability to play with a quality twist made him a legend. His experience in fast bowling made him a winner of several world cups.

Hold the Bat with Correct Posture

You must stand on the player’s side with your feet shoulder-width apart with your knees slightly bent and your head turned towards the bowler. Bend your hips while keeping your back straight. Keep your shoulders straight. Your eyes should always be on the ball.

Both Hands on the Bat

Your non-dominant hand should be at the end of the bat’s hilt holding it tightly. Use a loose grip of two fingers and a thumb. The paddle should feel comfortable in your hands.

Make a Line on the Grass

Making a line in the grass is known as making a guard. Make this line in the middle wicket position. It will give you awareness of the position of the wickets as you bat.

Hit the Bat on the Guard Line

Hitting the bat on the ground will signal the bowler that you are ready to hit. Don’t hit too hard and keep the bat straight.

Take a Step Forward with Your Lead Foot

At the same time, bring the bat back. Keep the bat as straight as possible. As you go, turn your lead foot so your toes face the pitcher. Remember to line up your forearm with your shoulder when you bring the bat back.

Keep Your Eyes on The Ball

Your eyes should always be looking at the ball. When the ball comes to you, decide what kind of hit you will make with the bat. If the ball is short, take a defensive shot. If you think it will bounce off the sweet spot, carry the ball away.

Remember that the goal will always be to hit the ball and keep it from hitting the wickets. Don’t hit the ball hard so you can score runs.

Stay Calm

Always stay calm while batting. Nerves can cause you to divert your energy and make a bad move. Take a breath and always visualize the trajectory of the ball.

Never forget that practice makes perfect. By following this guide, you can be as good at the game as you want. You can even be better than Kane Williamson himself!