November 19, 2019
12:39 pm NZT

Welcome to Hauraki

The Hauraki District traverses plains, through mountains, to the sea.  It’s home to Ngatea in the flatlands, the world famous in New Zealand town Paeroa, the stunning Karangahake Gorge between the mighty Coromandel and Kaimai ranges,  the old gold town of Waihi and the coastal settlement of Waihi Beach. Few Districts in New Zealand can claim such a diversity of landscape. It’s all linked together by one of the country’s best and most accessible bike trails, which includes the stunning Gorge and its one-kilometre-long tunnel. Billions of dollars in gold has been found in the Hauraki District over the last century, and its stunning natural resources make it a place rich with opportunities for the future. 

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Waihi Beach Lodge

What's the name of your business?Waihi Beach Lodge What's the name of the business owner(s)?Greg Whyte & Ali Lawn How many years has your business being operating?11 What town(s) are you in?Waihi Beach What do you love about your town?It's very beachy and laid back - has a relaxed vibe…

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Here’s Your Trip Advisor Advisor

Yesterday at the first of the #GetDigital workshops we're running in Whanganui (the second one is this afternoon), we had a bunch of tourism operators keen to know more about TripAdvisor.  You may have your website setup ad facebook sorted, but TripAdvisor is where a huge number of visitors are starting…

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Retail Therapy

If you're in retail, you've probably heard of Vend, the NZ-based, global leader in online point-of-sale. If you haven't, check them out today: basically Vend allows you to ditch your old cash register and use any device to manage your store, your inventory and your customers. It's genius. As well as…

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