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Michael Voss

Posted: October 14, 2016 3:40 pm EDT Updated: January 25, 2017 3:40 pm EDT Michael Voss
Business Name:

Hometown:  Near Marton

What’s the name of the business owner(s)? 
Michael Voss and Allison Voss

Years in operation:  17

What do you love about the Rangitikei? 
We work in the beautiful rural Rangitikei using the marvels of modern internet based communications. When we do need to leave the office we have no traffic congestion, in fact we have no traffic lights. The airport is just 35 mins away where we travel to visit our clients wherever they live.

What does your business do better then anyone else?
We guide leaders of businesses to the top of their chosen niche, using techniques based on what the world's most successful organisations do that results in growth up to 4 times faster than others do. We use our simple step by step process, and powerful tools that make it easy for leaders to visualise what they need to fast track their pathway to the top.

Tell us about your team. Who does what?
Michael Voss, physicist, engineer and director, provides guidance to leaders
Allison Voss, Bachelor Fine Arts and teacher, is training and tool design expert

What’s your top tip for business success?
Know who you are, what you are going to achieve in your business, where you currently are, and how you are going to get there. Then, work on yourself and the business every day to get there.


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