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Palmerston North’s rising social media star: Lauren Bramley

Posted: December 17, 2015 4:41 pm EDT Updated: January 13, 2016 4:41 pm EDT Palmerston North’s rising social media star: Lauren Bramley

Lauren Bramley is one of Palmerston North’s biggest social media stars. With nearly quarter of a million followers on her Facebook page, Healthy Eating on a Student Budget, thousands tune in for every recipe update of delicious fare that doesn’t harm the budget.  Now she is looking to launch her page into the basis for a new business venture, monopolizing on her success with cooking classes for students and a recipe book. 

Lauren’s success stems from tapping into a cooking style that already has millions of followers internationally – the Paleo diet.  Excluding carbs, legumes, and refined sugar, the Paleo diet focuses on mimicking what our ancestors ate, and differs from other low carb diets due to its emphasis on foods that are high in fat.   

Her Facebook page tapped into a niche: those who are wanting to be healthy, want Kiwi ingredients and measurements, and want to achieve all of this on a budget that doesn’t allow for fancy.  

Part of her growing audience is based on her refreshing honesty that lets people in on the back story to her creations. For example, one recent post states that after buying Christmas presents she is officially poor, but goes on to post a recipe of fantastic steak pies that provide hearty meals rolling into Summer.  Providing a back story helps people relate much more on social media, where the tone and format is much more informal.  

Sourced from Healthy Eating on a Student Budget's Facebook page.

Sourced from Healthy Eating on a Student Budget’s Facebook page.

A quarter of a million followers is a huge audience for someone setting up a business, and it’s a great example of why when it comes to building followers, the time to start is now. It’s not uncommon now in the advertising world to find brands that launch their social months before their product gets online, so that there’s a subtle build and an already subscribed audience for when they have something to say. 

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