The All Blacks – What Makes them Unique?

The All Blacks are the national rugby team of New Zealand. Rugby is the country’s national sport. The teamwon the last World Cups in 2011 and 2015. They also won the inaugural tournament in 1987.

Below you can read some of the features that make the All Blacks, a rugby team from New Zealand, unique in the world.

Since Their Debut in 1903, They Have Been Unstoppable

They are the only team in the world to have a record of wins against each opponent. They have only lost to 6 of the 19 nations competing in this game. Since 2003, they have been ranked number one in the Rugby World Ranking.

The All Blacks What Makes them Unique 1 - The All Blacks - What Makes them Unique?

The All Blacks Have Had 47 Groups of Brothers

The Evans brothers have been the last to join so far. In November 2018, Gareth Evans made his debut against Japan. This is nine years after his brother Bryn was part of the team.

The tallest player the team has ever had is Dominic Bird, at 2.06 meters tall. Alan Ponty Reid is the shortest player with 1.60 meters of height.

The heaviest player has been Neemia Tialata with 136 kg. He is followed by Karl Tu’inukuafe with 135 kg.

Ned Hughes is the oldest player. His last game was at the age of 40 when he played his last test against South Africa in 1921.

The All Blacks first broke the 100-point barrier in the 1995 Rugby World Cup. They beat Japan 145-17. In 2008, they beat Samoa with a total of 101-14.

There is no doubt that after reading these interesting facts about the All Blacks, you will become an even bigger fan of them. They are the pride of New Zealand and have made the country the most popular in this sport.