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Top 5 Free Text, Talk and Photo Sharing Apps

Posted: December 7, 2014 11:30 am EDT Updated: December 17, 2014 11:30 am EDT Top 5 Free Text, Talk and Photo Sharing Apps

Texting is great when it’s free but not so much when it costs you and your business money. Imagine the amount of cash you can save your business each year if text and calls were free? Exactly. Here’s our About Us list of our free favourite services for texts, chat, calling, photo sharing and much more.

  • Viber – What can’t you do with Viber? It’s the port of all: video calling, stickers, texts, photo sharing and group calls and with a desktop app for Mac and Windows
  • Voxer – Great for all phones: Android, Windows and iPhone. Extras include a real-time map and a business manager
  • Whatsapp – This cash-saving tool works in Nokia and Blackberry as well as the usual suspects and all devices talk to each other. Bonus is the Whatsapp audio message.
  • iMessage – This is an iOS Apple to Apple system and comes on iPod and iPad as well as iPhone and Macs. Using it on iPod through wifi means you almost don’t even need a phone.
  • Facebook Messenger – This is free texting over wifi and 3G. Load up the app and add it to your home screen and chat to your Facebook friends instead of text. We love the range of stickers too – every emotion captured and some you didn’t even knew existed!

Photo courtesy of: Android Community.