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Top 5 best ticketing services

Posted: March 14, 2014 11:00 am EDT Updated: March 14, 2014 11:00 am EDT Top 5 best ticketing services
If you want to put on an event and make it look as slick and professional as you are, here’s our Top 5 best ticketing services to choose from:
  • Eventbrite – This challenger brand comes out top of the pile in a Google search and features fast, free sign-up. Eventbrite emerged during the US recession in 2008 to “democratise ticketing” and aimed to become paperless and be integrated with social media, and with its mobile app, it’s doing just that.
  • Yapsody – This is the “do-it-yourself” version of big time ticketing software Tickets Unplugged, and with free customisable ticketing or promoters and event attendees it looks like a good option. Up with current trends, the Yapsody app enables promoters to check tickets at the door with a simple iPhone scanner based on QR codes.
  • Ticketbud – This lot offer free online event registration which always sits well with us, and have an easy five-step set-up
  • Eventfinda – It’s quick and free to register, integrates with Facebook and has 180,000 visits to its site per month, so your event gets seen.
  • Eventbee – This service clips the ticket at $1 on its basic package, $1.50 for pro and $2 for advanced. Bargain!
Photo courtesy of: Event Brite.