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Yummy Food

Posted: September 8, 2016 1:30 pm EDT Updated: September 10, 2016 1:30 pm EDT Yummy Food

Business Name: Yummy Food

Hometown: Whanganui.

What’s the name of the business owner(s)? Annette Main

Years in operation:  Ten.

What do you love about Whanganui? 
Living in Whanganui means having access to everything I need for a happy life.

I can work from my commercial kitchen and office with high speed internet right next to my apartment, a great coffee is a ten minute walk or a three minute bike ride away, I can find a car park in the centre of town within minutes, and our shops have everything I need to operate my business successfully.

And when I have leisure time I am spoiled for choice, cycle trails, music, bookstores, art events and good local food from our Saturday Farmers Market.

What does your business do better then anyone else?
We create delicious tasting and nutritious food from local produce and as many organic ingredients as we can source.Our recipes have been tested on our guests at our previous accommodation business for over 20 years and for the last ten years at the local farmers market.

Our range comes from a passion for food that makes you wonder why it tastes so good.
And our reputation for using only the best and freshest produce to achieve that taste is strong.

Tell us about your team. Who does what?
Yummy Food is led by Annette who delivers the recipes and the products from her experience making good food for her family and by catering for paying guests at the business she and her late husband John established over twenty years ago in a remote area of the Whanganui River Valley.

Johns sudden death meant a change in direction for Annette, leading to the establishment of Yummy Food.She is assisted by her sister Glenys who works with her on Saturdays at the market.

What’s your top tip for business success?
Stay ahead of the competition by identifying trends in food early, or starting them if you can.


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